Grace Pinhal-Enfield, PhD, ACUE

Assistant Professor 
Department of Neuroscience and Cell Biology
Director, Anatomical Association Body Donor Program
2005, Rutgers Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Phone: (732) 235-4432
Office Location: 675 Hoes Lane West, Piscataway, NJ 08854

Research Interests:
My research interests focus on inflammation, wound healing and pedagogic principles. My current projects are based on pedagogic principles and practices in Gross anatomy, Histology, and Embryology.

Select Publications:

Pinhal-Enfield G, Leibovich SJ, Vasan NS. The Role of Macrophages in the Placenta. Embryology - Updates and Highlights on Classic Topics. InTech 2012.

Pinhal-Enfield G, Ramanathan M, Hasko G, Vogel SN, Salzman AL, Boons GJ, Leibovich SJ. An Angiogenic Switch in Macrophages Involving Synergy Between Toll-Like Receptors 2, 4, 7, and 9 and Adenosine A2A Receptors. American Journal of Pathology 163:711-721, 2003.

Melovitz-Vasan C, Pinhal-Enfield G, DeFouw DO, Vasan N. Team-Based Learning: An Effective Pedagogical Strategy to Teach Anatomy. Teaching Anatomy: A Practical Guide, 2015.

Pinhal-Enfield G, Varricchio P, DeFouw DO, Vasan NS. Sternalis Muscle: Importance of Its Awareness in Chest Imaging and Clinical Significance.

International Journal of Anatomical Variations 4:106-108, 2011.