Graduate Programs


The Department of Pathology participates in the interdisciplinary Molecular Biosciences Umbrella Program, which is a group of graduate programs here at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. The Molecular Biosciences Ph.D. Program offers a joint first year curriculum and provides a competitive stipend, health care coverage and tuition remission. In addition to course work, the first year curriculum includes rotations in at least three different laboratories to allow each student to identify a suitable laboratory for their thesis work. In the second year, each student enters a specific program participating in the Molecular Biosciences Umbrella Program. Selection of the specific program is dependent upon the laboratory the student chooses for their thesis work and upon the program membership of their thesis advisor. A student will then typically remain in their specific program until completion of their Ph.D. requirements. Students are supported financially with stipends from the Molecular Biosciences Program in the early years and then by research grants from the faculty mentor in subsequent years.

In addition, a Masters in Clinical and Translational Sciences and a Masters in Biomedical Science are offered by the Graduate School in Biomedical Sciences at RWJMS.

For further information about our graduate programs please visit the following websites:

Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School


The Department of Pathology supports research as an important academic mission for our faculty and staff. The research interests and activities of our faculty cover a broad range that includes basic science as well as clinical and translational research. Particular areas of strength in the basic sciences include biomedical imaging, developmental genetics, cell polarity and morphogenesis, extracellular matrix, and protein folding and molecular motors.