Community Outreach

Our team regularly communicates with community pediatricians to give updates about the children they care for and about the services we can provide for their patients should they be critically ill.  Additionally, we participate in educational seminars to help educate community pediatricians about updates in critical care.  We are honored to collaborate with community pediatricians to provide comprehensive care to the critically ill children of Central and South Jersey. 

In 2009 the Bristol-Myer Squibb Children’s Hospital Pediatric Intensive Care Unit joined over 70 other Children’s Hospitals in a national collaborative sponsored by the Children’s Hospital Association to eliminate central line-associated bloodstream infections in children. Working with this group, we have significantly lowered our incidence of these hospital-acquired infections, and in 2012 had the honor of being named in Consumer Reports as one of the top 5 PICUs in the US for lowest central line infection rate.