The Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine is housed in the Pediatric Emergency Department of the Bristol-Myers Squibb Children’s Hospital. This standalone facility is the primary clinical and educational site for the division. The division mans the pediatric emergency department 24 hours a day and is fully staffed by pediatric emergency medicine specialists.  All of the physicians in the department are pediatricians with unique qualities, caring for the sickest of pediatric patients along with specially trained nurses and technicians dedicated solely to the specialty of pediatric emergency medicine.  The division orchestrates various ancillary staff to add to the specialty needs of children. This year the Division Pediatric Emergency Medicine celebrates over 30 years of existence. As the first pediatric division in the State of New Jersey, our program has grown from a patient population of 3,000 to its current volume of over 26, 000 patients a year.  This evolution has led to the expanding of staff to include many well trained pediatric emergency medicine specialists, along with general pediatricians to meet our ever increasing volume demands.  Along with the physician expertise comes a unique family experience hosted by Child Life Specialists.  These experts in providing comfort and education, while alleviating fears and anxieties, are available in our emergency department 24 hours a day. The beginning and the continued evolution of the Express Care Section of the division has been very well received and has worked to increase patient satisfaction and decrease patient waiting times in our pediatric emergency department.

In addition to our Express Care Section, the department is capable and equipped to treat a wide range of illnesses and injuries that present from infancy through the young adult ages. As pediatricians, the division is committed to providing a comfort and pain free experience and to that end, we are dedicated to continually to improve our pain management service. Our moderate sedation service sets us apart from many emergency departments in our area. Furthermore, our enhanced radiological experience utilizing fluoroscopy has enabled us to facilitate many procedures without the movement of patients or their admission to the operating room. For those patients that do require admission following their treatment, they are hospitalized in our stand alone children’s hospital, The Bristol-Myers Squibb Children’s Hospital. 

Participating RWJMG Physicians & Professionals

Ernest Leva, M.D., Director

Uchechi Azubine M.D. 

M.Douglas Baker, M.D.

Richard Brodsky, M.D., Assistant Director, Section Chief of Telemedicine 

Minh-Tu Do, M.D.

James Luckey, M.D., Co-Chief of Office Preparedness

Niel Miele, M.D., Assistant Director

Kathryn Kean, M.D., 

Prerna Trivedy, M.D., Co-Chief of Office Preparedness

Express Care

Rachael Grieco, M.D.

Matthew Pepper, M.D.