Our entire faculty is actively involved in teaching medical students and residents about patients with infectious diseases, including HIV, allergies, and immunologic disorders.  Faculty serve as lecturers, preceptors, and group facilitators for case discussions in the Infectious Diseases Course, 3rd and 4th year clinical clerkships, and as OSCE examiners for medical students.

Recommended Readings


  1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:  Epidemiology and Prevention of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases
  2. Feigen, Ralph D.; Cherry, James D. MD: Textbook of Infectious Diseases
  3. Mandell, Gerald L, MD et al.: Current Concepts of Infectious Diseases
  4. Pickering, Larry K. M.D.:  Red Book: American Academy of Pediatrics
  5. Schaechter, Moselio Ph.D. et al:  Mechanisms of Microbial Disease


  1. Clinical Infectious Disease
  2. Journal of Infectious Disease
  3. New England Journal of Medicine
  4. Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal
  5. Pediatrics

Scheduled Conferences

Time Event Place
Case Conference** Tuesday at 8:30 am MEB 102
Team Meeting Tuesday at 9:00 am MEB 393
Grand Rounds** Thursday at 8:30 am CAB 1302
Noon Conference QD at 12 noon (Mon-Fri) MEB 396
Combined Pediatric/Adult ID Journal Club** Thursday at noon MEB 285
Regional ID Rounds** 3rd Thursday at 4:30 pm MEB 108B

**Held between September and June