Research Day 2023: Podium Presenters

Simulation Led Assessment of Entrustable Professional Activity (EPA) 8 & 10 for Fourth-Year Medical Students

Jasmin Garcia


Exposure to enterotoxigenic bacteroides fragilis is common in pediatric patients with inflammatory bowel disease and children seen in pediatric gastroenterology clinics.

Melissa Weidner, MD


ERK – Signaling regulates human T-cell leukemia virus type 1 RNA stability and gene expression in latently infected CD4 T-cells.

Arnold Rabson, MD

Factors associated with failure of initial non-invasive respiratory support in late preterm and term infants and its impact on outcomes.

Bethany Hunt

Parents’ Perspectives on Strengthening Clinician-Parent Partnerships.

Erica Levin


Paternal postpartum depression and children’s adverse childhood experiences at age 5.

Kristine Schmitz, MD


SARS-CoV-2 Oral Fluid Antibody Prevalence Among Unvaccinated Children in New Jersey.

Alan S. Weller, MD, MPH

The MCH-MRN Framework: A Novel Framework to Guide Prioritization and Measurement of Complex Health Interactions Across

Sarah Fadem, PhD