4-R Symposium

Radiation Oncology - Radiation Biology - Radiation Physics – Research

The most important biological factors influencing the responses of tumors and normal tissues to radiation therapy, and therefore the success or failure of standard clinical radiation treatment, are often called the 4 R's (repair, redistribution, repopulation, and reoxygenation).

The 4R Symposium brings together leaders in clinical Radiation Oncology, Radiation Biology and Radiation Physics to share cutting edge Research with the overall goal of advancing clinical radiation treatment effectiveness and improving patient outcomes through clinical/translational, cancer biology or medical physics research that target the 4Rs of radiation oncology.

This dynamic one-day symposium is designed to encourage collaborations and cross-pollination of ideas between presenters and participants. The morning session is divided into two tracks: Radiation Biology and Radiation Physics which is capped off by a keynote address. The afternoon session focuses on Clinical/Translational Research fostering participation by clinicians, biologists and physicists. The symposium concludes with a plenary session which encourages attendee participation.

2019 4R Symposium
2017 4R Symposium