Radiation Dosimetrist Program

Program Director at RWJUH: Rihan Davis, B.S., CMD

This dosimetrist training program is affiliated with the Dosimetrist Program of Thomas Jefferson University. Each year, one dosimetrist student is selected through a matching process and rotates through each clinical section of the department. Under the guidance of the chief of physics and the chief of dosimetry, each student is expected to be familiar with every clinical aspect of a radiation oncology department and to gain hands-on clinical experiences of treatment planning. After one year of academic education at Thomas Jefferson University and hands-on clinical training at RWJUH and with an additional six month either volunteering or working as a dosimetrist in a radiation oncology facility, the students are eligible to sit for board certification. The students who complete the program and the clinical rotation should be able to conduct duties of a medical dosimetrist. More information is available by contacting:

Rihan Davis, B.S., CMD
Department of Radiation Oncology
Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital
1 Robert Wood Johnson Place
New Brunswick, NJ 08903
Phone: 732-253-3939
Email: Rihan.Millevoi@rwjbh.org