Student Handbook

The Student Handbook is for informational use only and does not constitute a contract between Rutgers and any student. It may be changed by Rutgers without prior notice to students. Any rules, regulations, policies, procedures or other representations made herein may be interpreted and applied by Rutgers to promote fairness and academic excellence, based on the circumstances of each individual situation. Some pertinent University policies have been summarized to highlight their relevance to graduate students.

In addition to School of Graduate Studies policies and requirements, each graduate program has its own specific requirements for completion of its program. Students should become familiar with those policies and consult the guidelines given by the program.


Click Here to view the Biomedical Sciences PhD and Masters Student Handbook. 

All students are expected to comply with Rutgers Academic Integrity Policy 


The School of Graduate Studies Code of Responsible Conduct and Professionalism, can be found here


A complete list of RBHS Policies including Student Rights, Responsibilities and Disciplinary Procedures, are available online here.


All other Rutgers University policies will apply to RBHS students unless there is a provision in the body of the policy which exempts certain schools and can be found here.


Please notify the School of Graduate Studies office of any omissions or errors in this publication so that they can be corrected: phone (732) 235-2106 or email

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