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NOTICE: the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology program has officially merged with the Biochemistry program at Rutgers.  New students, see the Biochemistry website for program requirements.

As of  June 29, 2012, the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology program at the GSBS-RWJMS is officially merged with the GSNB Biochemistry program. The new program will retain the designation of "Biochemistry."  This comes with some slight changes in the program requirements, but these ONLY APPLY TO STUDENTS ENTERING THE PROGRAM IN 2012 AND BEYOND.

Current Biochemistry and Molecular Biology students are still subject to the program requirements on these pages.  New students should see the current Biochemistry website for program requirements. 

For questions, please contact the program directors:

Biochemistry at GSBS-RWJMS: Kiran Madura

Biochemistry at GSNB: Abram Gabriel


The Graduate Program in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology was initiated in 1987 by Dr. Masayori Inouye, of the Department of Biochemistry at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.  Notably, this was the first graduate program that originated in the Medical School since it's founding in 1968.  The establishment of a new graduate program at RWJMS was timely, as it coincided with a rapidly expanding life-science community on the Piscataway campus, which provided shared resources and common interests among Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and Graduate School New Brunswick faculty.

The faculty in the Program offers opportunities for training in the areas of gene structure and organization, protein and nucleic acid biosynthesis, molecular genetics, membrane structure and function, and the structural and biochemical characterization of macromolecules.  Thus, diverse experimental approaches are available to examine the molecular basis of cellular phenomena.  Graduate training includes formal course instruction, participation in seminar courses, and extensive laboratory research experience.  The progress of the students is extensively supervised, to insure high quality and successful completion of the studies.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.  If you have questions, feel free to contact me at

Dr. Kiran Madura, Professor
Director, Graduate Program in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

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