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Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
obert Wood Johnson
Medical School
one of the first in the nation
to answer the
Association of
American Medical Colleges
' call
for assistance with the federal
Joining Forces
initiative support-
ing military personnel and their
families. Since that time, the
medical school has collaborated
with the
Steptoe Group, LLC
, to
develop an interprofessional
education program blending the
concepts of the medical school's
Patient-Centered Medicine
with the
Group's Warrior-Centric Health-
care Training
Nearly 1,000
individuals have received
specialized training through this
groundbreaking program, which
addresses the significant need for
integrated physical and behavioral
health care and support services
for veterans and their families.
Each year, a cohort of well-
prepared Rutgers Robert Wood
Johnson graduates leave the
school with the skills to recognize
the issues specific to veterans, to
empathize with their challenges,
and to know how to access care
for these individuals and their
The medical school is committed
to expanding the reach of the pro-
gram in other ways--in particular,
focusing on training interdiscipli-
nary teams of professionals at
hospitals and health systems. In-
terprofessional involvement and
learning is critical to the success of
the program, as each member of
the healthcare team has a role to
play in providing the best care,
whether it is the physician, triage
nurse, social worker, pharmacist,
or physical therapist, among others.
In the same way New Jersey is a
leader in cultural competency
training, it can be at the forefront
of training healthcare professionals
to better care for those who serve
or have served in the military.
Educating Health Professionals While
Improving Health Delivery for Military Families
obert Wood Johnson
Medical School
is one
of 31 medical schools to join
the prestigious
Medical Association's (AMA)
Accelerating Change in Medical
Education Consortium
. The
medical school will help advance
the AMA's innovative work aimed
at transforming undergraduate
medical education to better align
with healthcare delivery in a
changing environment.
The medical school was chosen
for its project to incorporate
medical students and other
health-profession learners into
care-coordination teams of the
Robert Wood Johnson Partners
Accountable Care Organization
to augment care for
patients with multiple chronic
conditions and to maximize
integrated care delivery in the
home setting. By learning about
health-systems science in an
integrated care delivery system,
future physicians will be better
able to address the goals of the
Triple Aim:
improving the patient
experience of care, improving
population health and reducing
per capita costs of health care.
Medical School Selected for
AMA's Accelerating
Change in Medical Education Consortium
Robert Wood
Medical School
offers students a rich
academic learning
environment where
lifelong skills are
developed for a
successful career in