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Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
obert Wood Johnson
Medical School
looks for
ways to challenge and reward
high-achieving students. It offers
prestigious and rigorous
training programs
that, when
completed successfully, are noted
on students' diplomas as having
graduated with distinction
These programs recognize
medical students who show
exceptional interest, leadership
and commitment in a particular
area of their education. Students
are encouraged to personalize
their medical education through
summer research fellowships,
year-long intramural or extramural
research experiences, and other
creative scholarly endeavors.
Graduation with
in Service to the Community"
honors students who assume a
significant level of responsibility
in the collaborative planning and
implementation of a focused,
sustainable community health
Graduation with
in Research"
recognizes students
who prepare, design and com-
pose original, intensive, basic or
clinical research.
Graduation with
in Medical Education"
nizes students who have shown
exceptional involvement in
completing a scholarly educa-
tional activity.
Graduation with
in Global Health"
students who complete a
collaboative sustainable global
health initiative.
Graduation with
in Bioethics"
recognizes and
supports students who show
exceptional involvement, accom-
plishment, and scholarship in
bioethics across the spectrum of
health specialties.
Graduation with
in Medical Innovation and
is awarded
to students who produce an
innovation with the potential for
tion that may improve the
delivery of health care.
Graduation with
in Leadership in Academic
Health Care"
students who have shown a
strong commitment to a career
in academic medicine.
Graduates of
atch Day
is a rite of
passage for medical
school students at the end of the
fourth year, an acknowledgement
of hard work and an anxious next
step to becoming a physician.
Robert Wood Johnson Medical
has had an average
match rate of 97 percent during
the last ten years.
Robert Wood
Johnson Medical School
also consistently
match to the country's leading
residency programs.
Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Match
Consistently Exceeds National Trends
Robert Wood
Medical School
students consistently
score above the
national average on
the United States
Medical Licensing