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Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Homeless and Indigent
Population Health Outreach
Project (HIPHOP)
is a student run,
service organization established by
two students who recognized the
need for a program that would
make a difference in the commu-
nity. During its nearly 25 years,
more than 500 medical and health
professions students, faculty, staff
and community members have
volunteered their service. Through
interprofessional opportunities,
HIPHOP members enhance their
health education and communica-
tion skills, learn about the social
and medical needs of local under-
served populations, and gain
valuable community-oriented
primary care experience. HIPHOP
has evolved into an umbrella
program with two major initiatives:
the Community Health Initiative
(CHI) and the
Promise Clinic
Community Health promotion instills a sense of
social responsibility and sensitizes medical students
to the special needs of underserved patients, including
the chronically ill, cultural and ethnic minorities, the
elderly, and persons with disabilities.
Service Learning at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Homeless and Indigent Population Health
Outreach Project (HIPHOP)
I n t r i c a t e l y w o v e n i n t o t h e l e a r n i n g e n v i r o n m e n t
t h r o u g h p a r t n e r s h i p s a n d c o l l a b o r a t i o n s w i t h i n t h e
c o m m u n i t y a n d a b r o a d .
Community Health
has curricular and
non-curricular programs that allow
students to gain knowledge of
health disparities and become
involved with providing care to
underserved communities. First-
through third-year medical
students may provide health
workshops to community organi-
zations, shadow community
health physicians, or participate in
projects and electives that offer
hands-on training in providing
culturally competent, compas-
sionate care. Students may also-
volunteer at community health
events. Activities are derived to in-
still patient and family centered
values in our medical and health
professions students while provid-
ing much needed services to the
at-risk populations we learn from
and serve.
Community Health Initiative
Promise Clinic
he Promise Clinic
, a
specialized program of
, is a weekly student-
run clinic that serves clients
of a local community organiza-
tion, all of whom lack health
insurance. Patients of the
Promise Clinic are placed with
a team of students in all four
years of training allowing for
continuity of care as students
follow the same patient through-
out their school career. The
student-doctors are responsible
for every aspect of their patient's
care, including scheduling follow-
up appointments, addressing
their patient's issues at scheduled
appointments and presenting
their patient to the volunteer
supervising physicians. All patient
services are free including
medicine and laboratory tests.
Recently, an interdisciplinary team
of health profession students and
trained interpreters has been
implemented into the patient
care team. Ultimately, the
Promise Clinic combines the
efforts of academic medicine with
those of a community social
service organization to educate
students about health disparities
and provide an underserved
population with access to
primary care.