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Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
n New Brunswick, where most
of the medical school's clinical
enterprise is located, sits the
Children's Academic Health
dedicated solely to the
health and well-being of children.
At its cornerstone is the
Health Institute of New Jersey
which holds the promise of
research discoveries in childhood
diseases including immunity,
autoimmunity and inflammation,
autism and neurodevelopment,
pediatric cancers and stem cells,
and obesity, metabolism and
The Department of
is housed alongside
the institute, allowing for an
integrated team of physicians and
scientists focused on translational
research to work toward improv-
ing pediatric health. The collabo-
rative environment is enhanced
with the adjacent
Children's Specialized Hospital
the most comprehensive pediatric
rehabilitative hospital in the state,
and New Jersey's preeminent
provider for children with special
The Bristol-Myers Squibb
Children's Hospital at Robert
Wood Johnson University
completes the Children's
Academic Health Campus to
provide acute care to our
youngest patients.
Highlights in Clinical Care and Research
Child Health Institute of New Jersey
utgers Cancer Institute of
New Jersey
is the state's
only National Cancer Institute-
designated Comprehensive
Cancer Center and one of only
45 such centers nationwide
dedicated to improving the
detection, treatment and care of
patients with cancer, and serving
as an educational resource for
cancer prevention. The Cancer
Institute's physician-scientists,
many of whom are faculty
members of
Robert Wood
Johnson Medical School
, deliver
advanced comprehensive care
for adults and children, and
engage in translational research,
transforming their laboratory
discoveries into clinical practice.
The Cancer Institute manages
more than 100,000 patient visits
per year. Its statewide hospital
network is a mechanism to
provide education and outreach
regarding cancer prevention,
detection and treatment through-
out New Jersey while rapidly
disseminating discoveries from
the laboratories into clinical
practice and provide new
treatment options to the
Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey
horter hospital stays; less
pain; fewer and smaller inci-
sions­these are just some of the
benefits of minimally invasive
surgery procedures offered by
specialists at the
Robert Wood
Johnson Medical Group
. The
majority of surgeries today have
some minimally invasive or
remote access application for an
endless list of procedures that
help patients heal faster. Across
the school, physicians are incor-
porating minimally invasive
surgery into their practices and
encouraging the next generation
of physicians to develop their
skills to improve patient out-
comes. Training in minimally
invasive surgery is required as part
of the curriculum qualification for
surgical residents, and the vast
opportunities available at
Wood Johnson Medical School
in cardiovascular care, gynecology,
neurosurgery and vascular surgery,
to name only a few, offer ample
experience for future physicians.
Recognizing minimally invasive
surgery as the future of surgical
medicine, the school is establish-
ing a
Minimally Invasive
Surgical Center
along with its
principal teaching affiliate,
Wood Johnson University
. The all-encompassing
center will bring together the
school's collective resources,
creating a central hub of innova-
tive, state-of-the-art possibilities
in patient care and physician
Minimally Invasive Surgery