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Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
hroughout medical school,
students are exposed to
humanistic approaches to patient
care, whether through specialized
courses, such as patient centered
medicine, or during clerkships.
Values-based care also is empha-
sized through many student
programs that recognize those
who model outstanding character
and professionalism while in
medical training.
All of the school's departments
support the medical school
curriculum and offer advanced
educational opportunities through
residency programs
continuing medical
. Following a collabora-
tive, team-based approach to
medicine, the departments
participate in community outreach
and patient education programs,
conduct clinical research studies.
Many host core research
facilities, providing infrastructure
and service support to investiga-
tors throughout the medical
Visionary Admissions Program
Identifies Students with Compassion, Integrity
Medical School Launches
Institute for Excellence in Education
obert Wood Johnson
Medical School
Multiple Mini Interview
(MMI) format as part
of the admissions process.
Adapted from the format devel-
oped at McMaster University
Michael G. DeGroote School of
Medicine in Ontario, Canada, the
MMI consists of a series of seven
interview "stations" or encounters,
which last eight minutes each,
and comprise scenarios focused
on humanistic traits and critical
thinking, rather than scientific
The multiple mini interview
process allows an applicant
numerous opportunities to
demonstrate strengths in such
areas as communication, ethics
and service, allowing for
a thorough, holistic and fair
assessment by the Admissions
Committee. Research has shown
that applicants found interviewing
at multiple stations to be more
enjoyable than traditional
interviews and have rated this
unique format highly with regard
to fairness.
Committed to training future
physicians who consider patients'
personal needs, values and
cultures, are part of an individual's
healthcare plan, the medical
school is an early adopter of
.TM The online assessment
tool is used by the school's
admissions team after academic
competence is verified, to learn
more about the personal
characteristics of medical school
ovember 2015 marked the
launch of the
Robert Wood
Johnson Medical School Insti-
tute for Excellence in Education
and its
Academy of Medical
. The mission of the
institute is to train learners across
the continuum to care for patients
and the health of the population.
The institute's guiding principle
"Great Doctors Made by Great
encapsulates the
concept of the learning and
teaching cycle that equips current
and future trainees with the tools
to integrate the science of clinical
medicine in daily practice; use
best evidence in presenting
treatment plans; communicate
respectfully and effectively;
collaborate with patients and
families to devise treatment plans
tailored to the needs and prefer-
ences of the patient; and develop
strategies to reinforce adherence
and self-care.
The Richard A. Harvey
Excellence in Teaching Award
supports the
institute and its signature
programs, some of which include
the nation's only
dual-degree program
; a
graduate certificate in medical
Warrior Centric
; and
Creative faculty have
operationalized new
teaching modalities,
which focus on
collaborative learning
and peer teaching.