Pre-Clinical, Non-Credit Electives

Course #

Non-Credit Elective

Elective Director

EMED 0901

Emergency Medicine Interest Group

Laryssa Patti, MD

EMED 0903

Trauma, Emergency, and Disaster Response (TEDR)

Rajan Gupta, MD
Clifton Lacy, MD

FMED 0907

HIPHOP Students Teaching Aids To Students (STATS)

Susan Giordano

FMED 0908

Complementary and Integrative Health

Karen Lin, MD

FMED 0910

Issues in Women's Health

Jeffrey Levine, MD

FMED 0915

Medical Students for Choice (MSFC) Summer Externship

Jennifer Amico, MD,MPH

FMED 0916

HIPHOP Promise Clinic Student Interpreter Elective

Susan Giordano

MDC 0913

South Asian Health

Sunanda Gaur, MD

MDC 0914

Medical Mandarin

Karen Lin, MD, MS, FAAFP

MDC 0915

Medical Spanish

Sonia Laumbach, MD

MDC 0916

Literacy Initiative for Students Teaching Older Spanish Speakers (LISTOS)

Sonia Laumbach, MD
Susan Giordano

MDC 0919

International & Global Health

Javier Escobar, MD

MDC 0920

Clinical Neuroscience

Igor Rybinnik, MD

MDC 0923

Healthy Living Task Force

Joyce Afran, MD

MDC 0924

Evidence-Based Medicine Journal Club

Diana Glendinning, PhD

MDC 0925

Visual Literacy

Sonia Laumbach, MD

MDC 0931

HIPHOP Issues of Cultural Competency and the Underserved Community Elective

Susan Giordano

MDC 0932

Physician's Business Elective

Daniel Mehan, PhD

MDC 0933

Students Interested in Research: Research Studies Lecture Series (Fall)

Celine Gelinas, PhD

MDC 0934

Students Interested in Research: Research Studies Practicum (Spring)

Celine Gelinas, PhD

MDC 0937

Restoring Community Health (SIRCH)

Susan Giordano

MDC 0938

Mind-Body Medicine in Theory and Practice

Diana Glendinning, Ph.D.

MDC 0940

Healthcare Innovation Task Force

Paul F. Weber, MD, RPh, MBA

MDC 0941

HIPHOP: Supporting Wise Action in Teens (SWAT)

Susan Giordano

MDC 0944

Sports Medicine and Health

Robert Zakow, PhD

MDC 0945

Responding to Interpersonal Violence

Dr. Cato Varlack, MD

MDC 0948

Student Led Interprofessional Education

Joyce Afran, MD

MDC 0954

Ophthalmology Interest Group

Nicholas Chinskey, MD

MDC 0956

HIPHOP Patients at / in Risk: PAIR Elective

Susan Giordano

MDC 0957

Distinction in Medical Education (DIME)

Robert Lebeau, EdD

MDC 0966

Leadership in Academic Healthcare

Carol Terregino, MD

MDC 0968

Practicing Patient Centered Medicine in Spanish

Sonia Laumbach, MD

MDC 0970

Digital and Connected Health

Paul F. Weber, MD, RPh, MBA

MDC 0971

Introduction to Healthcare Policy & Emergency Preparedness

Paul F. Weber, MD, RPh, MBA

MDC 0972

Ultrasound Interest Group

Christopher Bryczkowski, MD

MDC 9931

Mind-Body Medicine in Theory

Anthony Tobia, MD

MED 0910

Internal Medicine Interest Group

Laura Willett, MD

MED 0912

Mentors for Sickle Cell Disease Transition

Hanin Radhid, PhD

MED 0914

Anatomy Lunch Lectures (ALL)

Grace Pinhal-Enfield, PhD

PEDS 0901

Pediatric Interest Group

Elizabeth Goodman, MD

PEDS 0910

PATH (Pediatric to Adult Transition in Healthcare)

Joann Carlson, MD

PSYC 0903

The Courage to Change: Addictions Medicine

Susan Giordano

PSYC 0905

Introduction to Opiods: Addiction, Treatment and Harm Reduction

Jill Williams, MD

PSYC 0915

An Introduction to Psychiatry through Analysis of Selected TV Shows

Anthony Tobua, MD

PSYC 0930

Psychiatry at the Movies:  Film Depictions to Learn Elements Related to Mental Disease (FIDLER)

Anthony Tobia, MD

RAD 0901

Radiology Interest Elective

Judith Amorosa, MD

SURG 0912

Global Surgery

Gregory Peck, DO, FACS 
Joseph Hanna, MD, FACS

SURG 0915

Fundamentals of Neurosurgery

Stephen Johnson, MD