Programs for Undergraduate Students

Biomedical Careers Program

The Biomedical Careers Program (BCP) is an intensive four-week academic enrichment summer pathway program for undergraduate students pursuing a career in medicine. BCP offers students at different stages of their undergraduate education the intellectual and self-management skills to succeed on their path to medical school. Students take part in a variety of core science courses, academic support and success seminars, patient-simulated clinical modules, career and professional development workshops along with student wellness activities. BCP targets students from groups underrepresented in medicine and those from educationally and financially disadvantaged backgrounds.

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Summer Science Scholars' Academy

The Summer Science Scholars Academy (S³A) is a fee-based three-week program designed for high-achieving secondary school students and/or those in gifted-and-talented programs. The curriculum focuses on exploring the human body through a series of lectures, organ laboratories and clinical experiences. Students are also exposed to different health careers and various topics in public health through interactive small-group seminars. The program targets students entering grade 12 or graduating in June. This is a non-residential summer experience. This program does not offer high school or college credit.

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Other Summer Opportunities

We encourage you to work with your school advisors, local hopitals, and federal/national organizations to find further opportunities. The Association of Americal Medical Colleges also maintains a searchable database you can access here. 

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