Cognitive Skills

The Cognitive Skills Program is an academic support program which is available to students in all four years of medical school. It provides services to students who may be experiencing academic difficulty and to students who wish to enhance the efficiency and the effectiveness of their study and test taking strategies. The Cognitive Skills Program's services are offered through individual consultation tailored to a student's specific needs and integrated with course curricula.


The philosophy of the CSP is based upon the research findings of cognitive and educational psychology. The principles which have the most direct applicability are:

  • The goal of instruction is to promote independent, self-directed learning that continues across the life span.
  • Students are active, constructive learners, not passive recipients of information.
  • Learning with understanding is a generative process in which students reformulate information to achieve deeper meaning.
  • Instruction in efficient cognitive processing strategies and self regulatory skills can be effective in increasing students' control of their learning.


Individual Consultation

  • Confidential individual consultation regarding learning, time management and academic performance.
  • Diagnostic evaluation of study practices and their effectiveness.
  • Structured intervention to increase learning productivity and efficiency.
  • Individual preparation programs for course, board, and licensure examinations.


  • Effective study strategies, test taking and time management.
  • Preparation strategies for comprehensive examinations (USMLE, In-training, Certification Boards, Specialty Boards).


  • Services are free of charge for Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School students.
  • Others may contact Dr. Robert Lebeau (732) 235-4129 to obtain information about fees.

Make an Appointment

To make an appointment, please call 732-235-4129.

Robert Lebeau, EdD

Director, Cognitive Skills Program

Room R-109


Hanin Rashid, PhD Assistant Professor

Room R-109


Kristen Coppola, PhD

Assistant Professor

Room R-109

Sharri Levine Drago

Secretary I

Room R-109