PhD Curriculum

Credit Requirements and Required Courses

While course requirements vary with the area of specialization, all students must complete a total of 72 combined credits required for the Ph.D. degree. Of the 72 credits, at least 28 course credits (at a minimum B grade average) are required, of which 24 must be at the 500 level or above. Required courses include 8 seminar credits of Advanced Studies in Neuroscience, 1 credit of Ethical Scientific Conduct, 3 credits Neurobiology 555, a Statistics course, one biochemistry-cell biology course and an Ethics Refresher course. Up to 44 research credits are also required to bring the required total to 72.

PhD Curriculum


Suggested First Year Fall Semester Courses


Advanced Studies 16:710:605. 2 credits. (REQUIRED)

Neurobiology 16:710:555. 3 credits. (REQUIRED and CORE)

Research (Rotation) 16:710:701  1-2 credits


Statistics requirement e.g.

              16:115:557 Statistics in Biomedical Science 3 credits (Kuo)

Electives 2 - 4 credits (e.g. Molecular Biology & Biochemistry 16:115:511 3 credits (Deis)

Psychoneuroimmunology 16:830:585 3 credits (offered every other year) (Kusnecov)


Suggested First Year Spring Semester Courses


Advanced Studies 16:710:606 2 credits (REQUIRED)

Ethical Scientific Conduct 16:115:556 1 credit (REQUIRED)

Statistics class if one was not taken in the fall

e.g. Biostatistics Res. Training for Mol. & Cell Science 16:125:578  3 credits

Research (Rotation) 16:710:702  1-2 credits

Electives 2 - 4 credits




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