PhD Curriculum

Transfer Students

The Neuroscience Admissions Committee and the student's research sponsor, if already selected, will evaluate the student's academic background and select with the student the courses that must be taken in addition to those previously completed. Only upon completion of 12 credits of graduate level course work with grades of B or better in the Graduate School as a matriculated student will transfer of credits from other institutions be considered.   No more than 24 course credits may be transferred from another institution and the requirement of a minimum of 72 total credits for the PhD must in any case be met.  Credit is not normally transferred for courses taken more than six years prior to the application for transfer of credit.  Transfer of credit is allowed only for formal graduate level course work specifically related to the student’s program of study in which grades of B or better were received.  No credit may be transferred for thesis research work, course work done as independent study, or work in courses that were not graded. 

Students wishing to transfer from one program to another either before or after completing their degree must follow designated procedures and complete necessary forms in accordance with graduate school policy

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