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2018 Graduates


Deanna De Vore, PhD (Mentor: Maureen Barr)

Extracellular Matrix Regulates Morphogenesis and Function of Ciliated Sensory Organs


Olufunmilola (Funmi) Ibironke, PhD (Mentor: Stephan Schwander)

Air Pollution Particulate Matter Effects on Adaptive Human Anti-mycobacterial Immunity


Julia Bolanle Olayanju, PhD (Mentor: Bing Xia)

Understanding the Anti-cancer activity of Moringa Isothiocyanates in Breast Cancer Cells


Christina Ramirez, PhD (Mentor: Ah-Ng (Tony) Kong)

Epigenetic Regulation of NRF2 and Ursolic Acid in Skin Carcinogenesis



2017 Graduates


Melvili Cintron Cotto, PhD (Mentor: Nancy Woychik)

Functional analysis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis VapC toxins


Lizahira Rodriguez-Colon, PhD (Mentor: Shridar Ganesan)

A role for G9a methyltransferase in the DNA response signal



2016 Graduates


Christal Lewis, PhD (Mentor: Helmut Zarbl)

A Transgenerational Study of Exposure to Zeranol, a Dietary Contaminant with Potent Estrogenic Activity


Eileen Oni, PhD (Mentor: Ronald P. Hart)

Bioinformatic Analysis of DNA Methylation in Neural Progenitor Cell Models of Alcohol Abuse


Eva Rubio-Marrero, PhD (Mentor: Davide Comoletti)

Structural and Functional Studies of CASPR2, a Molecular Approach of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)



2015 Graduates


Adenrele Akintobi, PhD (Mentor: Barth Grant)

Functional Characterization of C. elegans F-BAR protein SDPN-1


Kristina Hernandez, PhD (Mentor: Bonnie Firestein)

The role of NOS1AP, a schizophrenia susceptibility gene, in the regulation of dendrite branching, dendritic spine formation, and actin dynamics.


Leonardo Valdivieso-Torres, PhD (Mentor: Monica Roth)

Isolation and Characterization of Retargeted Feline Leukemia Virus Envelope Proteins and Isolations of Host Factors Involve in Envelope Specific Entry



2014 was a banner year for the number of IMSD trainees who completed their degrees or moved on with further training or initial positions.


Allen Alcivar, PhD   (Mentor:  Bin Xia)

BRCA2 and PALB2 in Cellular Stress Response


Judith Canabal, PhD (Mentor: Sunita Kramer)  

Analysis of Two Distinct Functions of the Roundabout 2 Receptor during Drosophila Cardiac Assembly


Andrew Hoffmann, MS  (Mentor: Michael Verzi)

 Enteroid Culture and its Impact on Stem Cell and Cancer Research


Tiffany King, PhD (Mentor: Sunita Kramer)

The Cytoskeletal Regulator Enabled Mediates Proper Cardiac Fusion during the Final Stages of Drosophila Dorsal Vessel Formation


Frank Macabenta, PhD (Mentor: Sunita Kramer)

Investigating the Coordinated Expression and Function of the Netrin-Frazzled Signaling Pathway During Drosophila Dorsal Vessel Formation


Adriana Martin, PhD (Mentor: William Welsh) 

Biophysical Characterization of Novel Amphiphilic Macromolecules: Modeling Membrane Interactions    


Letzibeth Mendez-Rivera, MS (Mentor: Steven Brill)

The SLX5 Paradox: Expression Of A Sumo-Targeted Ubiquitin Ligase Generates Toxic Poly-Sumo Chains In Yeast                 


Winder Perez, PhD (Mentor: Terri Goss Kinzy)

Mutations in Eukaryotic Translation Elongation Factor 1A that alter Protein Synthesis & Actin Bundling                      


Maryann (Poku) Obiorah, PhD  (Mentor: Emanuel DiCicco-Bloom)

Developmental Vulnerability of the Rat Hippocampus to Methylmercury (MEHG)              


Felicia Smith, PhD  (Mentor: Robin Davis)

The Role of Neurotrophins in Regulating Spiral Ganglion Morphology                         


Connan Vaca, PhD  (Mentor: Ramsey Foty)

Fibronectin Matrix- Mediated Inhibition of Tumor Cell Dispersal

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