Research Funding Opportunities

Hudson Shea and Stella Faith Research Fund for Studies of Pregnancy and
Early Infant Loss

The Child Health Institute of New Jersey received a $100,000 donation from the Hudson Shea Foundation to create the Hudson Shea and Stella Faith Research Fund for the studies of pregnancy and early infant loss.

The mission of the Hudson Shea Foundation is to raise awareness and medical funding for perinatal and infant death. The foundation also provides platforms for grief counseling services and perinatal bereavement groups. The Hudson Shea Foundation honors and remembers all lost babies at its annual Angel Walk.  More information on the Hudson Shea Foundation is available at:

The funds will be awarded yearly to support the research of an outstanding Rutgers investigator whose work strives to understand the fundamental causes of preterm birth and associated life-threatening neonatal disorders, with the hope of finding preventive measures or a cure.

Potential award recipients will be reviewed in August of each year for award at the annual Hudson Shea Foundation Angel Walk in September.  For more information on this award, please contact Dr. Arnold Rabson, Director of Child Health Institute at