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August 5, 2015:
Global Health Learning partnership with CES University, Colombia, South America

Rutgers attendings, residents and learners of different ethnic background discussed a rare case reported by doctors from CES medical school in Colombia on diagnosing and treating a mother contracted tuberculosis in a shelter setting. The issues of public health, maternal and fetal care were exchanged in both English and Spanish over warm cups of Jamaican chocolate tea. This was truly a global health event!

July 1, 2015:
WHI welcomes this year’s summer interns

Our group of enthusiastic volunteers join our researchers to investigate different areas of women’s Healt:

Miriam Woodward

(Rutgers School of Public Health senior): Intake procedure for transgender patients in the emergency setting.

Nazneen Shaike

(Rowan School of Osteopatic medicine Sophomore): Father-engaged safety monitoring during pregnancy.

Veronica Kim

(Johns Hopkins Junior): Co-morbidity of vulvodynia.

Devika Sachdev

(University of Michigan senior): Ovarian abnormalities in postmenopausal women.

Kevin Wang

(Rutgers Master program): Integrating Redcap database for WHI research.

June 26 2015:
WHI at AWIS-NJ event for a book launching event: the politics of promotion

Drs. Gloria Bachmann and Chi-Wei Lu joined a group of central Jersey academic and pharmaceutical leadership to discuss their experiences on women and their career – and how to best prepare themselves on their way up the corporate ladder.

June 2015:
Rutgers Global Health Symposium

WHI members contributed seven abstracts, including a winning poster by Miriam Woodward on “Global Learning: partnering with CES university, Colombia” and Dr. Ayer’s talk to open up the symposium, “International Health Care Volunteer Missions to Ghana”.

April 2015:
WHI spruced up Rutgers Day with fun-filled activities for educating our community the importance of women’s health.

Be an obstetrician, be a surgeon!!! A record crowd visited us on Rutgers day to learn about the health for women’s health care!

Spring is the time to show people what we do and that we care! On Rutgers Day, at least 500 people visited our booth to learn how to be an obstetrician and be a surgeon. In addition to fun facts on flip boards, our visitors experienced the pregnancy inconvenience by wearing a 20-pound pregnancy simulator suit. This attracts the most crowd to learn how 20 pounds of weight (which is only 7 months of pregnancy) pressured on their muscle and bone. Our nurses and doctors talked to those who dare to put the suit that these weights are more dramatic on all organs in the pelvic floor and can permanently change the muscle control for continence. Many also take their selfies wearing scrubs/surgical suits and tested their laporoscopic surgery skills. At the end of the day, all our visitors gained new understandings on pregnancy, maternal health and post-partum care of themselves or their loved ones. This outreach activity is not only fun-filled, it truly is an educational platform for everyone to learn the importance of health care for young women, a well-maintained pregnancy and many complications that are commonly observed in older women. (left photo: WHI staff attending the Rutgers Day event : Alagra Cohen, Lena Majanian, Gary Ebert, Susan Egan, Nancy Phillips, Hunter Phillips, Chi-Wei Lu and Shantala Ramanchandra. Center Photo: Dr. Ebert teaching a young inspiring surgeon for laporoscopic surgery, Right Photo: Dr. Nancy Phillips strapped the pregnancy suit on a 10 year old girl to experience her mother’s pregnancy.)

Learning without boarders: Two-way medical education between Colombia and New Jersey.

Medical education is always evolving. With advancement in communication technology, the communication with distal learning partners is no longer a barrier. In March, Dr. Gloria gave a lecture on “Your BMI, what does it really mean” to residents and medical students of Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences of Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and CES medical school at Bogota, Colombia. The RWJMS Dean of Global Health, Dr. Javier Escaba translated questions raised by learners from CES and facilitated the discussion.

March 2015:
WHI and the Terra Hansen Foundation published “Stop, look and listen” campaign to raise the awareness of the health risk of pregnant women and new mothers.


February 2015:
Dr. John Kostis, Women’s Heart Health at OB/GYN grand round.

Transgender Health Initiative

Mission Statement

To address and improve the health care needs of the diverse transgender and gender non-binary community.


Enhance inpatient and outpatient clinical care for transgender and gender non-binary individuals within the Rutgers Health Group and Rutgers Health. Create educational materials that are sensitive, reassuring, age, and developmentally appropriate for transgender and gender non-binary individuals, their peers, and their families.

Increase the comfort level among providers and staff in caring for transgender and gender non-binary individuals.

Short-Term (1-5 year plan)

Assess health and behavioral health care needs of the local transgender and gender non-binary community by eliciting participation from members of these communities and expanding initiatives tailored to address these needs. Reduce heterosexism and transphobia by collaborating with the community in creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for LGBTQ patients, health care professionals, and staff. Obtain pilot data and feedback from physicians to shape future research and physician training. Educate the community to foster a positive and informed population health environment surrounding LGBTQ health. Develop data-driven live and online educational modules to improve knowledge, skills, and attitudes relating to the care of the transgender and gender non-binary community, which expands upon existing LGBTQ training at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. Establish guidelines and training for pronoun usage and gender identity nomenclature in both electronic health records, and for use by the health care team with patients, their families, and providers.

Long-Term (5+ year plan)

Establish RWJMS/RBHS/Rutgers University as a statewide center of excellence for transgender health care delivery, education, research, and community outreach. Foster culturally competent life-span clinical care for transgender and gender non-binary individuals.

Garden State Equality Group

  • RWJ Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • RWJ Department of Pediatrics
  • RWJ Department of Family Medicine and Community Health
  • RWJ Department of Psychiatry
  • Rutgers Student Health

New Jersey One Health Collaborative

Mission Statement

To establish a transdisciplinary collaborative network across New Jersey that promotes the health and well-being of humans, all other species, and the environment.

Vision Statement

To promote the health of humans, all other species, and the environment utilizing the established principles of the global One Health Initiative through four major pillars: clinical practice, community outreach, education and research.