L E T T E R F R O M T H E A L U M N I A S S O C I A T I O N P R E S I D E N T H Dear Alumni and Friends: appy Spring! It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Spring 2016 issue of Robert Wood Johnson Medicine! On March 8 we celebrated our 28th Annual Career Night. It was another successful event, with more than 100 first- and second-year medical students and 28 alumni representing 18 specialties in attendance. I saw and heard lots of networking and stories shared between medical students and alumni. Feedback from students was overwhelmingly positive. If you have not been part of our Annual Career Night event, please come next year. This year’s Career Night was even more memorable because during the evening, the Alumni Association acknowledged and gave thanks to Ms. Roberta Ribner, alumni affairs coordinator, who recently retired. The Alumni Association was sad to say goodbye to Ms. Ribner, who organized career nights since 1988, but we wish her only the best in her retirement. The Sixth Annual Scholarship Gala took place on Saturday evening, April 9, 2016, at The Heldrich in New Brunswick. We celebrated the anniversaries of the following classes: 45th (1971), 40th (1976), 35th (1981), 30th (1986), 25th (1991), 20th (1996), 15th (2001), 10th (2006), and fifth (2011). Kathryn L. Holloway, MD ’84, received the Distinguished Alumni Award, while Judith K. Amorosa, MD, and Louis F. Amorosa, MD, received Honorary Alumni awards. It was a fun-filled evening of reconnecting with old classmates, meeting new friends, and enjoying some great food and music. Overall the Alumni Association, along with faculty and friends, helped raise more than $200,000 toward student scholarships, bringing the total raised during the past six years of the event to more than $1 million. Thank you all who attended and contributed toward the Gala. I want to remind you all that the Alumni Association is a great way for you to stay connected with our school, one another, and our students. We welcome all alumni, and I invite you to contact me if you are interested in learning more about the association. Your education at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School has provided you with great opportunities. The mission of the association is to provide opportunities for you to share your professional and personal growth and achievements with our alumni family. Please share with us your career, practice, and family updates for our “Class Notes” section of the magazine. I am particularly interested in hearing from alumni on how the association can better serve your needs. Please join us on Facebook. It is my hope that we can continue to grow our alumni base, strive for excellence, and accomplish great things together this year. Please stay in touch! Sincerely, STEVE HOCKSTEIN Sonia Garcia Laumbach, MD ’99 President, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Alumni Association sgarcia@rwjms.rutgers.edu P.S. Please visit our website at http://support.rutgers.edu/RWJMSAlumni to contribute to the Alumni Annual Fund, or you may also mail your gift in the enclosed envelope. Robert Wood Johnson I MEDICINE 43