A L U M N I P R O F I L E C L A S S Katherine Teets Grimm, MMS ’69, MD —Continued from page 49 NOTES What’s New? Please send your professional and personal news for Class Notes to: Editor, Robert Wood Johnson Medicine Robert Wood Johnson Medical School 335 George Street • Suite 2300 New Brunswick, New Jersey 08903 Phone: 732-235-6310 Fax: 732-235-9570 http://rwjms.rutgers.edu/alumni An Evolving Career in Pediatrics C hildhood asthma is a longtime concern of Dr. Grimm, who suffered from the disease from the age of 18 months. Her family, residents of Plainfield, even moved to Colorado for several years when she was a child, hoping that the change in climate would provide relief to her. With this longtime interest, Dr. Grimm was pleased during her faculty years at Johns Hopkins to serve as director of the hospital’s Pediatric Asthma Program and clinical director of the Pediatric Allergy Clinic. She also served as director of the Harriet Lane Continuing Care Center, a child-focused community clinic that provides health care services to the East Baltimore neighborhoods surrounding the medical school. While on the faculty at Johns Hopkins, Dr. Grimm was invited to return to Mount Sinai as director of pediatric acute care (the Pediatric Emergency Room) at the hospital while serving on the faculty of the Department of Pediatrics at the school of medicine. Over the next 20 years, she would hold a wide variety of leadership positions at Mount Sinai, including vice chair of the Department of Pediatrics and director of the division of ambulatory pediatrics. In addition, she served as director of the hospital’s Pediatric School-Based Health Centers, which bring accessible primary care and social services to children in East Harlem. As director of the Pediatric ER, Dr. Grimm inherited responsibility for the Child Advocacy Center of Manhattan, now called New York Center for Children. Her specialization in child abuse took further root and expanded as she saw and learned from the distressing number of cases she saw in the ER. In 1989, Dr. Grimm became medical director of Mount Sinai’s Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention Program, and, she has been director emeritus since 1997. An expert in the diagnosis of abuse, she learned that, generally, the presentation of abuse is subtle, often with behavioral problems. “It’s only rarely the sort of horrible things you read about in the newspapers,” she says. “People sometimes wonder why a physician would specialize in child abuse pediatrics,” says Dr. Grimm. “Unfortunately, child abuse is much more common than we would like to think, and it cuts across all sectors of society. Most children who are abused and/or neglected do not have permanent physical scars, but they have emotional scars that they carry with them into adulthood unless there is intervention. My goal is to facilitate prevention and early intervention so that these children may become healthy adults in every respect.” M 1 9 8 9 Robert Barraco, chief academic officer, Lehigh Valley Health Network, and associate dean for educational affairs, USF Morsani College of Medicine–Lehigh Valley, writes: “I am responsible for helping create a new paradigm for medical education called the SELECT program, which includes a graduate certificate in leadership, health systems, and values-based, patient-centered care. The goal is to give students the knowledge, skills, and behaviors to transform the nature of health care.” 1 9 9 2 Dermatologist Alan Glass recently opened a new office in midtown Manhattan. 1 9 9 5 Plastic surgeon Steven Vath practices at the Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Denver. 1 9 9 6 Neurosurgeon Richard Meagher practices at the Laser Spine Institute in Philadelphia. 1 9 9 7 Daniel Leslie is a bariatric surgeon who specializes in weight-loss surgery. He practices at CentraCare Weight Management in St. Cloud, Minn. 50 Robert Wood Johnson I MEDICINE