1 9 9 8 Leonel Toledo is clinical assistant professor of pediatrics, Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, division of general pediatrics and sedation service. Class Notes: The Class of MMS ’69 COURTESY OF ARNOLD BODNER, MMS ’69, MD Arnold Bodner, MD, has become the class historian for the Class of MMS ’69, carefully and fondly researching members of his class. The following is a wonderful collection of Class Notes that he personally researched and submitted to the editor of Robert Wood Johnson Medicine. We thank him for the great collection of Class Notes below, in his own words. 1 9 9 9 Lori A. “Loria” Pollack focuses on the evaluation and enhancement of the National Program of Cancer Registries in CDC’s Division of Cancer Prevention and Control (DCPC). Dr. Pollack leads the cancer surveillance data visualization initiative and advises on a multistate registry project to support cancer data for comparative effectiveness and patientcentered outcome research. She also focuses on ensuring the quality of cancer surveillance data, including the transition and implementation to a more detailed approach to cancer staging. Prior to this position, Dr. Pollack served for nine years in DCPC’s Epidemiology and Applied Research Branch, primarily characterizing the issue of cancer survivorship and leading national efforts related to quality of life and care after cancer treatment. T he Class of MMS ’69 was the second class at Rutgers Medical School: 14 of us graduated, after 2 dropped out from the original 16. Every one of us transferred to another medical school for the third and fourth years. We all got our MD degrees from another school, including Mount Sinai for half of my class and Albert Einstein in my case. First, I would like to acknowledge two members of the Class of 1968, Rhoda Goldwasser and the late Larry Sirott, who were very welcoming to me, which made it much easier to adjust to life in Piscataway after I moved from college in New York City. Rutgers Medical School was a tiny presence in the University Heights campus at that time; no one I met at the main Rutgers University campus then even knew there was a medical school across the river in Piscataway. The first person from our class whom I contacted was Sandra (Sandy) Moss. She has been incredibly supportive and helpful in my efforts to contact other class members. Sandy Moss graduated from Mount Sinai School of Medicine, did residencies in internal medicine and a fellowship in nephrology, and practiced until 2000. Her second career is as a medical historian. She has been president of the Medical History Society of New Jersey, president of the American Osler Society, and the author of many articles, as well as a lecturer on the history of medicine; she has written two books, The Country Practitioner: Ellis P. Townsend’s Brave Little Medical Journal and Edgar Holden, M.D., of Newark, New Jersey: Provincial Physician on a National Stage. She is married to Robert A. Moss, emeritus professor of chemistry, Rutgers University. Sandy has two sons: Kenneth, a professor of history at Johns Hopkins University, and Daniel, a professor of English at Southern Methodist University. —Continued on page 52 Robert Wood Johnson I MEDICINE 51 2 0 0 1 Melanie Prusakowski is assistant dean for admissions at Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine in Roanoke, Va. She also serves as director of pediatric emergency education for the Carilion Clinic. Former Residents Adam Hyatt practices at Orthopedic Associates of Lancaster in Pennsylvania. Following his residency, he completed a fellowship at the Rothman Institute of Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. M