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40 Robert WoodJohnson
Wenwei Hu, PhD
, associate professor
of radiation oncology, a five-year,
$1,816,530 grant for "The Role of
Chronic Stress in Regulation of Mutant
P53 and Tumorigenesis."
Steven K. Libutti, MD
, professor of sur-
gery, director, Rutgers Cancer Institute
of New Jersey, and vice chancellor for
cancer programs, Rutgers Biomedical and
Health Sciences, a one-year, $2,651,316
supplement for the P30 Cancer Center
Support Grant.
M. Maral Mouradian, MD
, William Dow
Lovett Professor of Neurology, and Russell
E. Nicholls, PhD, assistant professor of
pathology and cell biology, Columbia
University, a five-year, $1,908,819 multi-
PI grant for "PP2A Dysregulation in the
Pathogenesis of Alpha-Synucleinopathies."
Mladen-Roko Rasin, MD, PhD
, associate
professor of neuroscience and cell biolo-
gy, a five-year, $1,695,163 competitive
renewal for "The Role of First Neocortical
RNA-Operon in Specification of
Neocortical Projection Neurons."
Grants of $1 million or more
from other sources include:
Nina Cooperman, PsyD
, associate pro-
fessor of psychiatry, a five-year,
$3,200,000 grant from the New Jersey
Department of Human Services, Division
of Mental Health and Addiction Services,
for "Opioid Overdose Prevention Network
Community Services and Training."
Research News
By Kate O'Neill
Research Grants
The National Institutes of Health
awarded grants of $1 million or
more to the following members of
the Robert Wood Johnson
Medical School faculty:
Published Research
Saqib Baig, MD
, a fellow in the division
of pulmonary and critical care medicine,
was first author of "The Long-Term
Oxygen Trial, Asthma-Chronic Obstructive
Pulmonary Disease Overlap Syndrome, and
Collaborative Management of Sleep
Disorders," published in the American
Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care
May 15, 2017:195(10):1394
Sabiha Hussain, MD '95
, assis-
tant professor of medicine, was senior
Theresa C. Barrett
, an MD/PhD candi-
date who recently completed her doctoral
work in the laboratory of Mark
Brynildsen, PhD, associate professor of
chemical and biological engineering,
Princeton University, was first author of
"Biased Inheritance Protects Older
Bacteria from Harm," published in Science
April 21, 2017:356 (6335):247
Allison Cabinian, MD
, a fellow in the
laboratory of
Fredric Wondisford, MD
professor and chair, Department of
Medicine, and chancellor's scholar, was
first author of "Gut Symbiotic Microbes
Imprint Intestinal Immune Cells with the
Innate Receptor SLAMF4 Which
Contributes to Gut Immune Protection
against Enteric Pathogens," published by
pubmed/28341747 March 24, 2017.
(Epub ahead of print.)
Amale Laouar,
, assistant professor of surgery, was
senior author of the article.
Monica Chow, MD '13
, a resident in the
Department of Surgery, was first author of
"The Role of Bile Acids in Nonalcoholic
Fatty Liver Disease and Nonalcoholic
Steatohepatitis," published in Molecular
Aspects of Medicine
August 2017:(56):
44. (Epub ahead of print May 5, 2017.)
Michael J. MacKenzie, PhD
, associate
professor of social work, Rutgers
University, clinical associate professor of
pediatrics, Robert Wood Johnson Medical
School, and chancellor's scholar for Child
Well-being, was first author of
"Separating Families at the Border:
Consequences for Children's Health and
Well-Being," published in the New
England Journal of Medicine
June 15,
Maria K. Mateyak, PhD
, instructor of
biochemistry and molecular biology, was
first author of "Breaking the Silos of
Protein Synthesis," published in Trends in
Biochemical Science
s June 2017. (Epub
ahead of print.)
Terri Goss Kinzy, PhD
professor of biochemistry and molecular
biology and pediatrics and vice presient
for research administration, was senior
author of the article.
Ekaterina Nizovtseva, PhD
, a postdoc-
toral researcher in the Department of
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, was
first author of "Nucleosome-Free DNA
Regions Differentially Affect Distant
Communication in Chromatin," published
in Nucleic Acids Research April 7,
The following is a representative sample
of articles by Robert Wood Johnson Medical School researchers
recently published in leading biomedical journals: