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Is there a life lesson in this moment of crisis?
There’s a life lesson for every one of us. We are in uncharted territory, no doubt about it. But there are some basic things that we can keep in mind. In dealing with an issue like this, listen to the scientists. Listen to facts. Listen to what public health officials are recommending. For the young people watching, know that you are not immortal. You may feel like that now, but soon enough you won’t feel that way, I promise you.
The life lesson really is, in every moment of disappointing challenge, you have an option. You can choose to be mired in your anger and frustration and disappointment or commit your- self to finding an opportunity in that moment.
How will your core beliefs guide your leadership of Rutgers?
When I think of the landscape of a president’s world, it’s filled with incredibly wonderful moments, thrilling moments, exciting moments—but also ones of really difficult deci- sions. The way I view my approach to those decisions is to rely on my core beliefs. And more than anything else, I believe that I’m not going to require other people to make difficult decisions that I’m not willing to make myself.
I believe in leading by example. I believe in managing a team with great integrity.
I believe in being completely honest with
people. I believe in being unvarnished but
not cruelly unvarnished—you need to be sympathetic, of course, to the situation, but I believe in being direct. I think people just prosper in clarity. And that’s what I’m going to try to provide in every difficult situation.
There are going to be times when I have to do things that I personally don’t like but for any variety of reasons—whether it’s fiscal or political or social, or whatever it might be—
I may believe that is actually the right thing for Rutgers, even though I might cringe about it.
That’s just my job. And it’s my job to be open about that, too—and I will be. M
—A version of this story was published by Rutgers Today in July 2020.
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