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For the past two years, the school has been actively recruiting Black and Hispanic faculty members by posting and advertising in publications and organizations like the National Medical Association (the largest national organization representing Black physicians) and the Association of Hispanic Physicians. A current URM faculty member is always on the search committee, and prospective faculty members are able to meet and talk with potential candidates.
Dr. Whitley-Williams defines diversity as “being invited to the party.” But she is clear that inclusion, or “being asked to dance at the party,” is equally important. “The school has a duty to create an environment that is profes-
sional and inclusive, and free of racism, implicit bias, and microagressions so that our URM faculty, and ALL faculty, can thrive.”
According to Dr. Whitley-Williams, the most effective way to change biases is to create an awareness of biases. Mandatory implicit bias training has been under way for faculty and res- idents during which attendees are taught about the impact of systemic racism on health equity. New this year, faculty and residents are pre- sented with real examples of microaggressions that our students documented while rotating through clerkships, with a discussion to follow.
After the trainings, many departments cre- ated task forces or committees with the goal of creating a more inclusive learning environment.
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