Page 48 - RU RWJ Medicine Magazine • Winter 2021
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Get virtual healthcare from virtually anywhere.
We’ve taken every precaution to ensure your safety.
That’s why we o er two easy ways to visit with a doctor without coming in:
To learn more about your virtual care options visit TeleMed
Let’s be healthy together.
Primary Care or Specialist
Visit with your RWJBarnabas Health Medical Group doctor on video through our website. Book online or call 888-724-7123 and we’ll walk you through it step-by-step. New patients can register on the site as well.
Urgent Care
Download the TeleMed app, and you
can visit with an urgent care provider* on your smart phone, tablet or computer – anytime, anywhere.
*Urgent care services for RWJBarnabas Health TeleMed® are provided by U.S. board-certified, licensed, credentialed doctors who average 15 years in urgent care, emergency, family, or primary care medicine, and who have been trained in telehealth. RWJBH TeleMed does not replace your relationship with your primary care doctor.

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