Faculty Mentoring at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

Under the leadership of M. Maral Mouradian MD, vice chancellor for faculty development, the schools in Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences will be embarking upon a formalized mentoring program. Dr. Mouradian has surveyed faculty at the units of RBHS and identified the value the faculty place on mentoring and the low proportion of faculty reporting a formal mentor (unpublished). Dr. Mouradian has created a template for an Individualized Development Plan, a mentor mentee contract and training for the mentors.

We embark upon this mentoring program for all instructors, assistant professors and associate professors of all tracks with the goal of enhancing the professional accomplishments, career trajectory to promotion, faculty engagement and satisfaction with their position at the school. Our faculty are our most valuable asset.

Faculty Mentoring Matters!

A recent national survey reveals that there is significant dissatisfaction among academic medicine faculty.  In fact, 43% of faculty had plans to leave their institution or academic medicine all together because of significant dissatisfaction.  The factors related to planned attrition include low relatedness, low engagement, low self-efficacy, and low school commitment to improve support for faculty.1 

There is an extensive literature on the value of formal mentoring programs on faculty productivity at academic medical centers.  Clinical faculty who report having a mentor are more satisfied with their position in their medical schools.2Faculty mentoring programs are associated with career satisfaction, career development and advancement, self-efficacy and productivity. 3-14

Principles of the RWJMS Mentoring Program
Faculty Mentoring Survey
Individual Development Plan

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