About the Office of Faculty Affairs

The Office of Faculty Affairs supports the mission of Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in the pursuit of excellence in education, research, health care delivery and the promotion of community health by facilitating the recruitment, appointment, promotion and retention of distinguished faculty.

The office serves as support for the Dean’s Committee on Appointments and Promotions, maintains faculty records, oversees the process of faculty evaluation, serves as liaison between the department chairs, faculty and their staffs and the University’s Office of Academic Affairs with regard to faculty issues.

Diversity and Inclusion Definition for Faculty and Senior Administrative Staff

Rutgers RWJMS strives to achieve a level of gender, racial and ethnic diversity and equity among the faculty, students and staff reflective of the diversity in our society; to increase the number of under-represented in medicine and women faculty in positions of leadership and in higher academic ranks.  Our underrepresented in medicine definition includes Blacks and Hispanics, and women in leadership roles.  This, along with the goal of attracting disadvantaged New Jersey residents as medical school applicants, is what is used for the purpose of tracking students, faculty and staff.

For additional information, please contact:

Roger Thornton 
Program Coordinator, Office of Faculty Affairs
Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
1 World's Fair Drive
Somerset, NJ 08873
Phone: 732-235-5379
Fax: 732-235-5215
Email:  thorntro@rwjms.rutgers.edu