Retiring Faculty Information

A retired faculty member is defined as a faculty member who was a Rutgers employee and who submitted a letter stating his/her retirement as of a specified date to his/her chair.

Picture Identification Card

Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School picture identification cards will be made available free to all retired faculty members who request them. An identification card is required to obtain entrance to the exercise facilities at Rutgers University.

Rutgers Libraries

Rutgers library will provide walk-in access for retired faculty for use of collection and electronic resources. In order to gain remote access to the library, you must be a registered library patron. There is no charge for this. The form can also be obtained by going to the Rutgers Libraries Web page.

The completed form should be faxed to Ms. Wagner at (732) 235-7826 or mailed to her at the following address:

Victoria Heenan Wagner

Associate Director and Coordinator of Medical Education
Robert Wood Johnson Library of the Health Sciences
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Medical Education Building , Room 101
One Robert Wood Johnson Place CN-19
New Brunswick , N.J. 08901-1969

If you have questions, Ms. Wagner can be contacted directly by email at or by telephone at (732) 235-7606.


In accordance with the Rutgers University Parking Policy for retired faculty all retired Robert Wood Johnson Medical School faculty are eligible to receive a Retiree Parking Permit at no cost. This Parking Permit will allow parking on designated surface lots. To obtain the permit, you must present Transportation Services with a Rutgers Retiree ID Card or a letter from your department chair/director verifying retirement. Retiree permits received must be renewed every two years, at which time any and all citations received must be paid before receiving the new permit. Please call 732-932-7744 for additional information.


The account names of retired faculty will be maintained in perpetuity and an email forwarding service will be available to them. The service will automatically forward mail sent to their existing UMDNJ address to an email address of their choosing. This address can be changed at any time by using a simple web-based interface. In effect, retired faculty can continue to use their UMDNJ email address even though their actual account will be hosted at some other institution or commercial ISP.

Upon request, a retiring faculty’s ACS account can remain active for a period up to 60 days to provide ample time to obtain an account with a commercial ISP and establish a new email account using our email forwarding facility. Active accounts will not be removed for retiring faculty immediately returning in a half time or part-time capacity. Retired faculty members, who return at a later time or in some other capacity, e.g., visitor/guest, are eligible to have their active account re-established. A letter from their chair or supervisor requesting an active account will be necessary.

Posting of Medical School and University Activities

Notification of Medical School and University Activities

Retired faculty who register will be provided with regular communications and updates on medical school and university activities.

Health Insurance for Retired Faculty and Their Spouses

With regard to medical and dental coverage, retired faculty may contact the NJ Division of Pensions and Benefits (tel. no. 609-292-7524 or 609-984-1683).

If the retired faculty members still have questions after contacting the NJ Division of Pensions and Benefits, they may contact the following of the UMDNJ Human Resources:
Tracey Bacskay-Benefits Associate (732) 235-9471
Lola Vickers-Parker -Benefits Representative (732) 235-9415

Emeritus Professor and Emeritus Associate Professor

The School’s Advisory Committee on Appointments and Promotions reviews each nomination for emeritus status provided by a Chair and supported by documents that the Chair chooses to send and evaluates the candidate individually on the basis of contributions to the University in teaching, research, clinical care, administration and service and then makes a recommendation to the Dean concerning the candidate.

Contact Information for Human Resources

Click Here to be directed to the Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences Human Resources page.

Contact information for the Office of Faculty Affairs

Amy Renna

Contact information for the Coordinator of Retired Faculty Affairs

Ruthe Geardino

Notification at Retirement

Retired faculty members upon retiring will receive a memo summarizing these privileges and phone numbers and email addresses for contact persons for accessing these privileges.

Appointment to Committees

Retired faculty who become part of the volunteer faculty may be appointed to committees by the Dean.

Links to Relevant Sites

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