Virtual Private Network (VPN)

To register for VPN access:

  1. Go to
  2. Select Service Activation
  3. Access is granted automatically

To download the VPN client use this link.

For detailed instructions on how to install VPN, click on the link below:

The VPN client allows continual access to clinical applications and Rutgers resources

  • Clinical applications – for example Centricity EMR and IDX
  • Network file share – for example H drive (home), J drive (shared drive) and restricted drives.

User Scenarios 

Scenario 1

If the employee has a Rutgers issued laptop, he or she will have the ability to access all work related data once connected to VPN:

  • Email
  • Calendar
  • Network drives
  • Clinical Applications, ie..Centricity and IDX

Scenario 2

If an employee does not have a Rutgers issued laptop and will use their personal computer:

  • Download VPN client at
  • To access the data on your work computer
  • Scenario 3
      • If the department requires additional computers for home access:
        • Send an email to
        • RWJMS established hardware standards with RuWare and everyone will receive the approved requirements.