Human Lentiviral shRNA Library

The DNA Core has the Open Biosystems Human Lentiviral shRNAmir Library available for the Rutgers University research community. Open Biosystems shRNAmir Library is now part of GE Healthcare.

The shRNAmir constructs are inserted into the pCMV-GIN-ZEO lentiviral vector developed in Steve Elledge’s lab. The microRNA-adapted shRNAmir design greatly increases gene knockdown specificity and improves screening efficiency. The lentiviral vector has been shown to produce efficient delivery into primary and non-dividing cell lines, as well as efficient single copy knockdowns which are important for pooled screens.

Expression Arrest™ shRNAmir triggers have been designed to mimic natural microRNA primary transcripts with increased Drosha and Dicer processing, leading to more siRNA and greater knockdown. Each target sequence has been selected based on thermodynamic criteria for optimal small RNA performance. For details of the library and to find constructs of your genes please go to:Open Biosystems/GE Healthcare: GIPZLentiviralshRNAmir.

Open Biosystems/GE Healthcare GIPZ Library
Please note: We have the Human Lenti-GIPZ Library, therefore, we only have clones with Oligo IDs beginning with V2LHS or V3LHS.

$25/individual clone
$60/any 3 clones/single gene
$200/4 controls
The control set we have contains:

  • non-silencing vector
  • empty vector
  • GAPDH positive control
  • EG5 positive control