FC 500 Flow Cytometer (Beckman-Coulter)

This is a user-friendly analytical instrument with two lasers: argon (488 nm) and helium-neon (HeNe; 630 nm). It is capable of simultaneous measurement of up to five different fluorescent probes, as well as forward and side scatter. This instrument is used for routine multi-parameter analysis of cell surface markers, intracellular cytokine expression, cell cycle, apoptosis, fluorescent protein expression, oxidative metabolism and phagocytosis, to name a few applications.

Investigators can run their own samples after undergoing a training session, or our expert staff samples can provide this service for an additional fee (see price list).


Influx High Speed Sorter (BD Immunocytometry Systems)

The Influx cell sorter is an, open-architecture, high-speed cell sorter. It allows rapid separation of large numbers of specific cell populations with high purity, recovery, and yield.  Analysis and sorting of cells is based on acquisition of up to 14 cell parameters, including 12 fluorescence parameters, with excitation by four different lasers: 488 nm (blue), 631 nm (red), 561 nm (green), and 355nm (UV).  This array of solid-state lasers provides the ability to detect a vast number of fluorophores and dyes, allowing determination of many types of cell parameters.  Cells can be sorted aseptically at rates of up to 20,000 cells per second, or even higher (theoretical limit of 200,000 events/sec), depending on the cell size and type, and experimental goals.  In addition, up to four different sub-populations can be sorted simultaneously. The optical detection system has 5-decade log PMTs with interchangeable filters for custom applications, allowing broad flexibility in application development.  While the Influx is principally used for sorting, it also provides highly sophisticated analytic capability for experiments requiring the green or UV lasers, or analysis of greater than 5 colors.

BD Influx Cell Sorter Stream & LaserCells can be sorted into various configurations of collection vessels, including most common tube sizes.  Up to four different sub-populations can be sorted simultaneously. The instrument also excels at sorting single cells (or greater numbers) into almost any type of multi-well plate, including 6, 12, 24, 48, and 96-well culture plates, and PCR plates. Custom configurations can also be designed.

With this versatile machine, almost any type of cell from any species can be sorted, using appropriate combinations of pressures and nozzle sizes.  With its biohazard containment hood, the Influx can safely sort human and primate cell lines, as well as primary cells, and sterility can be maintained throughout.

The Influx is operated only by our expert staff.  More information on the Influx is available from BD Biosciences.

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