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Instrument Information

FC 500 Flow Cytometer

Influx Cell Sorter


Software Information

FlowJo Analysis Software

FlowJo is a premier flow cytometry analysis software package (see  It can analyze data from almost any flow cytometer or cell sorter platform, including BD, Beckman-Coulter, and Millipore instruments, and is available for Windows of Mac computers. A free 30-day demo version is available without obligation: FlowJo Demo Download

Rutgers-RBHS has a multi-user site license, which allows users to run FlowJo on their own computers for a discounted price.  Each license is for use on a single, designated computer, either Windows or Mac; however, it may be transferred to a different computer if necessary. Only users with a Rutgers email address qualify. Other users should inquire with the Facility manager.

For current pricing of FlowJo user licenses, see FCCF Price list. The license is valid for 1 year, renewable annually. This is a cooperative arrangement with the Flow Cytometry Core Laboratory of NJMS; cost will be billed via interdepartmental transfer.

For a license request form, click here. Please complete the first two sections (contact information and billing information; no need to fill out the Project section). Completed forms should be faxed to 973-972-7507 on the Newark campus. For inquiries regarding the FlowJo site license, please contact the site license administrator by phone: 973-972-7502, or email:

General Tools for Flow Cytometry

  • Fluorescence Spectrum Viewer from BD Biosciences is a a multi-color flow cytometry design tool. It allows the proper selection of fluorescent dyes, lasers, and optical filters for your experiment.
  • Current Protocols in Flow Cytometry provides comprehensive information on theory, techniques, and applications. This searchable reference is a good place to start.
  • Comprehensive information on flow cytometric analysis is available from Instrument manufacturers:
  • BD Biosciences Multicolcor Flow Cytometry Tools has information on Absorption and Emission Spectra, Fluorochrome Specifications, Multicolor Panel Design, Application Notes, and Examples of Human and Mouse Antibody Panels.
  • Beckman Coulter Flow Cytometry Info is a compehensive resource for flow cytometry products, instrumetns, and techniques. This site also has a searchable and downloadable version of an excellent reference book by Howard M. Shapiro: Practical Flow Cytometry, 4th ed.