Flow Cytometry Core Facility Price List

Fees charged by the Core Facility are based on the services provided, and the affiliation of the investigator.  Currently, there are four rate tiers, depending on the affiliation of the investigator:

  1. CINJ members (full or associate)
  2. Rutgers University and Princeton University
  3. Other academic/not-for-profit institutions
  4. Commercial/Industry

CINJ members (full or associate) pay a discounted rate, non-CINJ members from Rutgers University and Princeton University also receive a discount from the standard rate.  Outside users pay the standard rate depending on whether they are academic/not-for-profit or commercial. 

  • Flow cytometry samples may be run by the investigators themselves for a discounted fee; assistance from Core personnel incurs a higher rate. Only actual sample running time is billable; time spent for instrument warm-up and cleaning procedure is not charged. Usage information, including run numbers, should be entered in the log book. 
  • Cell sorting is conducted by Core Facility personnel only; there is no self-service.  There is no charge for time used for daily instrument set up or shut down, for data downloads, or for post-acquisition analysis on the FC 500 workstation when it is not in use. To aid new investigators in their initial use of the facility, one hour of facility access will be provided free of charge, either for data acquisition or technical consultation, depending on the application. 

FlowJo Analysis Software: $325 for one-year license for use on an individual computer

Instrument-specific Pricing Information

FC 500 Flow Cytometer
Fee includes acquisition of up to 5-colors of fluorescence parameters, as well as scatter properties (forward and side scatter). Approximately 35 samples can be analyzed per hour.  The minimum charge for analysis is 15 minutes, and is billed in 15-minute increments at the prevailing rate. Fee includes PDF versions of all data plots and copies of the raw data files.  Data files may be downloaded to a USB flash drive (we will loan you ours), CD, DVD, or 3.5 in. diskette (bring your own) for later analysis and archiving. Additional analysis can be conducted at our workstation for no additional fee.

Influx High-speed Cell Sorter
Fee includes analysis and sorting based on a maximum of 12 fluorescence parameters, using up to 4 different colors of lasers:  488 nm (blue), 631 nm (red), 561 nm (green), and 355nm (UV).  These solid-state lasers can stimulate a vast array of fluorophores and dyes allowing measurement of many types of cell parameters.  Cells can be sorted at rates of up to 20,000 cells per second, into various configurations of collection vessels including single-cell deposition into 96-well plates, all aseptically as needed. Up to 4 different subpopulations can be sorted simultaneously.

Fees are charged per hour of usage, including setting up experiment-specific sort conditions and running control samples to identify subpopulations of interest.  The minimum charge for sorting is 1 hour, with additional 15-minute increments.  There is no charge for daily instrument set-up or shut-down. Fee includes PDF versions of all data plots and copies of the raw data files.