Foundation Grants Directory

The best way to find more information on private funders is to use the Foundation Center's superb search engines at At this site, it is possible to:

  • Search over 1500 U.S. grant-makers by type (private, corporate, community, or grant-making public charity), or all at once using keywords.
  • Search for a foundation's tax return (form 990 PF) and print it using Adobe Acrobat.
  • Review an annotated list of private funders or use the directory to visit the funder's website. Private funders include private foundations, corporate grant-makers, grant-making public charities, and community foundations.
  • Search the archives of Philanthropy News Digest (January 1995 to the present).
  • Search the Literature of the Non-profit Sector (LNPS) database of the literature of philanthropy, which incorporates the unique contents of the Foundation Center's five libraries.