Basic Guide to Grant Writing

"All About Grants" Tutorials
Source: NIAID - Application Writing Resources

These "All About Grants" tutorials help biomedical investigators, especially new ones, plan, write, and apply for the basic NIH research project grant , the R01.

Developing and Writing Grant Proposals

Source: The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance

A successful grant proposal is one that is well-prepared, thoughtfully planned, and concisely packaged.

Proposal Writing Short Course
Source: The Foundation Center

The subject of this short course is proposal writing. But the proposal does not stand-alone. It must be part of a process of planning and of research on, outreach to, and cultivation of potential foundation and corporate donors. The recommended process is not a formula to be rigidly adhered to. It is a suggested approach that can be adapted to fit the needs of any nonprofit and the peculiarities of each situation. Fundraising is an art as well as a science. You must bring your own creativity to it and remain flexible.

Hints for Writing Successful NIH Grants
Source: Professor Ellen Barret, University of Miami , October 1995

A successful grant application will convince reviewers that:

  • Your proposed research addresses important questions in basic and/or applied science.
  • Your proposed experimental plan will answer many of those questions in an efficient and convincing way.
  • You know and understand the contemporary research literature in your field.

NSF Grant Proposal Guide
and NSF Guide to Proposal Writing
Source: National Science Foundation

Guidance for the preparation and submission of proposals to NSF.

Grantwriting Resources

Source: Proposal Writing & Government Contracting

Basic guidelines for a letter of inquiry, common grant application form, EPA Grant-Writing Tutorial.

NIH Grant Application Basics

Source: NIH

Guidance for the process of submitting grants to the NIH