PI Responsibilities

  • Outline the research project by indentifying the specific aims, experimental design, outcomes, expected results, and alternative approaches.
  • Determine the need for IRB, IACUC and Biosafety committee approval. Indicate equipment and space requirements, time lines, outcomes, personnel requirements, and overall costs.
  • Determine the appropriate source for funding (NIH, DOE, DOD, NSF, ACS, etc.) and the mechanism (i.e., for NIH; R21, R03, R01, etc.).
  • Obtain forms from the chosen agency; write the grant.
  • Prepare budget. Grants & Contracts will advise on all budgetary matters.
  • Submit the final application with the required number of copies to the granting agency.
  • Provide one (1) printed copy of the final complete application to ORSP.