Post Award

Upon receipt of an award, you will be assigned a BANNER index number by Grants and Contracts, which identifies your specific grant.

Once you have been provided the Index Number, the P.I. or her/his designee will need to attend a Purchasing Services Training Class. These classes are designed to provide individuals the Purchasing Policies and Guidelines. As a State Institution, there are many rules and regulations that we need to abide by and the Purchasing Department insures that they are always followed. They will also assist you in obtaining vendor information for items that you will probably need to purchase through your grant. You may contact the ORA to assist you in getting scheduled for the Purchasing Services Training Class.

You will use the BANNER index number on all purchasing related forms and any other fiscal documents used to facilitate the spending of the funds for the grant. These forms are sent to Grants & Contracts for fiscal approval and processing. Grants, upon approving the documents, will then forward them to the appropriate department for processing.

Finally, there is the Electronic Purchase Requisition. This is the process to purchase items outside of the University, e.g. Fisher Scientific, BOC Gases, etc. The information is entered electronically, by selected staff and routed, via computer, to Purchasing and the Grants & Contracts departments for appropriate action. BANNER is also used to obtain fiscal information such as current spending, balances, open purchase orders, etc.

The University provides classes in the training of the purchasing process and BANNER access. You must have BANNER access to attend these classes. ORA can help you with this process when necessary.

Electronic Purchase Requisition

  • RBHS has a computer-based system for processing purchase requisitions. This system is called BANNER. The P.I. or her/his designee will need to follow the procedures below to be provided BANNER access.
  • The PI or his designee will obtain a Rutgers e-mail account.
  • Once the PI or his designee has the e-mail address, they need to complete a BANNER Departmental Access Request Form and sign a Confidentiality Statement. To access these services, call 757-2572.
  • Once a User I.D. has been obtained, the individual will be scheduled for BANNER Training Classes. These classes will guide the user through the BANNER system so they can input Electronic Purchase Requisitions.


The PI will be provided access to all necessary budget reports of the grant, not only through BANNER, but a system called E-PRINT. There is a tutorial on-line that can guide you through the steps in obtaining printed budget reports. This will be explained once a BANNER index number has been assigned.

Contact Information

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