Current Fellows

Kenneth McGuinness, Ph.D.

Department of Environmental Science,
Rutgers University

Center for Advanced Biotechnology and Medicine, Piscataway, NJ       


B.A. in Biomathematics, Rutgers University, New Brunswick NJ

Ph.D. in Computational Biology and Molecular Biophysics, Rutgers University, New Brunswick NJ

INSPIRE fellow, Department of Environmental Science — Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ


Research Mentor: Vikas Nanda, Ph.D. 
Research description:

 Minerals and proteins are connected via transition metals that direct function, maintain structural integrity, and transfer energy to and from the bio and geosphere. My primary research intends to understand the coevolution of the bio and geosphere by answering three important questions: 1) Does an increasingly oxidizing planet over geological time affect metal coordination in minerals and proteins?, 2) Are there parallels in metal coordination evolution in minerals and proteins?, and 3) What is the chemical and biochemical mechanism that links mineral and protein systems?



Teaching Mentor: Carey Waldburger, Ph.D. at William Paterson University, Wayne, NJ

Teaching Interests: Geobiochemistry, Bioinformatics, Statistics, Structural Biology, General Biology



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Liang Z., McGuinness K., Crespo A., Zhong W. (2018). Characterization of disulfide-linked peptides using tandem mass spectrometry coupled with automated data analysis software. JASMS, 29 (5), 903-912

McGuinness K., and Nanda V. (2017). Collagen mimetic peptide discs promote assembly of a broad range of natural protein fibers through hydrophobic interactions. Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 15 (28), 5893-5898

McGuinness K., Khan I. J., and Nanda V.  (2014) Morphological diversity and polymorphism of self-assembling collagen peptides controlled by length of hydrophobic. ACS Nano, 8 (12), 12514-12523.

Xu F., Khan I.J., McGuinness K., Parmar A.S., Silva T., Murthy S.N., and Nanda V. (2013). Self-assembly of left- and right-handed molecular screws Journal of the American Chemical Society 135 (50), 18762-18765.