Radioactive Materials

At Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, all potentially hazardous sources of radiation are controlled through an authorization program. The program considers the applicable state and federal regulations and standards, which are generally separated into two radiation categories: ionizing and non-ionizing.

All uses of ionizing radiation in New Jersey are controlled and regulated by either the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission or the New Jersey Bureau of Radiation Protection, a part of the Department of Environmental Protection. Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School has received licenses from both of these agencies that permit considerable scope and autonomy in the use of ionizing radiation.

Work with sources of ionizing radiation cannot be initiated until:

  • A written authorization has been received specifically permitting that work
  • Protocols have been approved
  • Training class has been attended

The use of non-ionizing sources of radiation is not presently controlled through a government licensing program. There are, however, federal standards and exposure limits and professionally accepted limits pertaining to these sources of radiation.

Rutgers Environmental Health and Safety Department (REHS) is responsible for implementing radiation policies and procedures approved by the Committee through a broad range of services. These services include radioactive materials delivery, radiation safety training, x-ray safety, radioiosotope authorization and inspection, radioactive waste pick-up and disposal, and emergency response.

REHS has prepared a Radiation Safety Guide that describes the organization of the Radiation Safety Program and the levels of responsibilities at RWJMS; describes basic radiation theory; specifies the regulations, policies and practices that must be followed when using sources of radiation; and describes the radiation services made available to assist users in their radiation safety program.

Click Here to access the Radiation Safety Guide as well as other as Radiation Safety resources at REHS.

REHS Contact Information

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