Computer Disposal Policy

Computer Recycling / Disposal Procedure


A large volume of electronic data is stored on computer systems and electronic media throughout UMDNJ. Much of this data consists of confidential and sensitive information, including student records, financial data, personnel records, and research information. UMDNJ is covered by several federal laws that set forth responsibilities for protecting this information, including the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the Federal Privacy Act, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act. In addition, copyright laws and software license agreements protect vendor rights regarding the use of software. Much of the software at UMDNJ is licensed under special academic licensing agreements which prohibit the transfer of this software outside of the University.


Old, unused university computer hard drives may contain sensitive data and need to be destroyed correctly. It's not enough to discard this media by simply deleting or erasing it. The most effective way to ensure the complete removal of data on an old hard drive is to physically destroy it. Shared Equipment Services will work with OIT in the reuse or disposal of used computers and removal of hard drives. Safe removal of the hard drives is an important step as the resulting particles from smashed equipment can be hazardous or toxic. Shared Equipment Services owns a hard drive crusher for this purpose.


  • The end user will fill out the Computer Disposal Request Form and send it to OIT
    Contact Keith Wheeler 732-235-6614,, Fax 732-235-3398
  • OIT will determine whether the computer is reusable or scrap. If scrap OIT will remove the hard drive and contact Asset Management.

    OIT Disclaimer:  OIT is not obligated to provide technical support (hardware or software) for any device deemed out of service by OIT. Nor does OIT have any obligation to restore any device once it is removed from the active environment.
  • OIT will then tag the computer as reuse or scrap.

    If reuse OIT will take into inventory for recirculation.  If scrap OIT will remove the hard drive and transfer it to Shared Equipment Services for disposal.  (Department responsible for discard process through Assets Management if applicable.

    Contact Jeff Grek 732-235-4455  
  • Shared Equipment Services will pick up the hard drives and maintain a database with used computers and the serial numbers of hard drives. 
  • Once the hard drives are removed they will be destroyed by Shared Equipment Services.

    The Hard Disk Crusher ensures that your confidential information remains confidential by destroying it permanently. It drills through the hard disk's spindles and physically creates ripples in the platters, making it impossible to recover the data. After being crushed by the Hard Disk Crusher, the data can never be recovered again.
  • Shared Equipment Services will discard crushed hard drives in the recycle box. 
  • SES will keep track of database with serial number of hard drives, crushed date, and point of contact.