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January 2024 Employee of the Month - Claudine Bonilla

Claudine Bonilla Named Employee of the Month for January

I am writing to enthusiastically recommend Claudine Bonilla, RN, for the Employee of the Month award. Claudine has been an invaluable asset to the Department of Otolaryngology outpatient clinic for the past 2 years. She regularly exceeds expectations in her role and contributes to the positive work environment.

Claudine's dedication to her work is truly commendable. She consistently shows up early, stays late, and goes above and beyond to ensure the smooth functioning of the clinic. Her commitment to her colleagues is evident in her willingness to assist whenever and wherever needed, without hesitation. She is adaptable and willingly takes on additional responsibilities beyond her initial role, showcasing dedication to the team's success.

In addition to her exceptional work ethic, Claudine consistently delivers outstanding patient care, as reflected in the consistently positive reviews received from those under her care. I would like to include some recent patient submitted reviews: "She is a significant asset to your medical practice" * "She is wonderful!!" * "Exceptional and professional" * "She was awesome!! Friendly professional made sure I understand what was going on and made sure I was ok" * "She explained everything so I could understand what was going to be done. Asked if I had any questions and very assuring and comfortable environment".

Claudine's positive impact extends beyond her daily responsibilities. She brings joy to everyone around her, creating a supportive and uplifting atmosphere within the department. She has played a crucial role in training new clinic staff, showcasing her commitment to the growth and development of her colleagues.

In recognition of her exceptional contributions, unwavering dedication, and positive influence, I believe Claudine is truly deserving of the Employee of the Month award. Her presence not only enhances the workplace but also sets a standard of excellence for all team members.  Thank you for considering Claudine for this well-deserved honor.

Justin McCormick, MD

Joseph Vella, MD

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