Walking Trails

Walking Route 1: 0.67 Miles / 15 Minutes

Begin at the main entrance of Cabfare and walk down Institute the left side of the building following the windows to the elevator.

Take the elevator to the 3rd floor. For extra steps, consider taking the stairs. Proceed across the bridge and bear right towards the hospital atrium.

Follow the hallway around towards the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Main entrance. 

Past the main entrance and follow the hallway around towards the Children’s Hospital. 

Pass the Children’s Hospital main entrance and proceed towards CHI.  Once you reach the Entrance to the clinical area of the Child Health you would have walked .3 miles (1583feet).

If you begin from the main entrance of the MEB you would have walked .2 miles (1105 feet).

On a rainy day you can do the exact route in the opposite direction and you will have walked a little over half a mile (.6). 

On a beautiful day, continue on the path outside of the Child Health Institute and proceed down the stairs and down French Street toward the train station.

If you cross over French Street to the main entrance of the CAB you will have walked almost half a mile (.45). 

For a longer stretch, walk down French Street and turn right onto Joyce Kilmer Avenue.  Proceed to Paterson Street and make a right at Destination Dogs.

Head up the street back to the main entrance of the Clinical Academic Building. This entire trip is .67 of a mile. This entire trip should take you about 15 minutes. 

Consider doing this daily to get in your daily step goal!