RWJMS Curriculum

2021 was the official launch of the 5 Cs Curriculum: Curiosity, Critical Thinking, Clinical Skills, Competence and Compassion.

Our graduating classes will be prepared as resilient and adaptable physician leaders who provide high value, ethical and appropriate healthcare in an ever-changing system; communicate respectfully and effectively in a patient- and family-centered fashion; collaborate with other healthcare professionals to devise treatment plans and strategies for adherence and self-care, tailored to the needs and preferences of the patient; integrate the scientific underpinnings of clinical medicine and best evidence into daily practice; and distinguish themselves as medical professionals in discovery, service and leadership.

The preclerkship curriculum places foundational knowledge in the context of the practice of medicine and the Rutgers RWJMS 33 Core Clinical Conditions. Our culture promotes well-being and students will learn to curate knowledge, to embrace strategies that enhance quality and patient safety and to develop behaviors that lead to better health and healthcare for all.

The Unifying Themes across four years in addition to the focus on the 5 Cs are:

· Patient and Family Centered Care in the Community Context

· Evidence Based Medicine

· Health Systems Science

Our faculty are passionate about improving and our library is innovative and supportive in all aspects of the school and curriculum.  Please find a sampling of curated resources below: