Third Year Clerkships

Simulated Patient and Introduction to Clerkship Experience

The Simulated Patient and Introduction to Clerkship Experience (SPICE) is a one-week course designed to introduce students to the third year clinical clerkships. Faculty are involved in teaching a variety of topics including acclimation to the clerkship experience, computer resources, hospital orientation, diagnostic radiology, a clinical procedure workshop, universal precautions, venipuncture training, patient and personal safety in the health care setting, case-based learning, and death and dying.

Physicianship III

The overall goal of the course in to increase understanding of key areas in Health Systems Science and increase ability to meet the quintuple aim - enhance the patient experience, improve population health, reduce costs, improve the work-life balance of health care providers and advance health equity.

Students will explore a variety of topics that bridge the various clinical disciplines, with a focus primarily on health systems: how we deliver health care within the larger system. The course will build on several of the content areas introduced in Physicianship I and II such as communications, ethics, diversity, equity, safety, quality, cost, and teamwork. Students will continue to meet in their Physcianship small groups and will have the opportunity to reflect on clerkship experiences as they relate to these important topics.

Core Clerkships

The third-year clerkships are presented in four twelve-week blocks. The blocks provide an opportunity to both focus on the clerkship and learn the connections across specialties. Our blocks are:

Family and Behavioral Health: Family Medicine and Psychiatry

Hospital Medicine: Medicine and Surgery

Rapid Diagnosis, Challenging Differentials and Critical Learning: Emergency Medicine and Neurology

Women and Children: Obstetrics and Gynecology and Pediatrics

The Family and Behavioral Health as well as the Women and Children blocks include two week sessions composed of integrated learning opportunities that focus on the clinical integrations and patient care across the two clerkships. This results in the twelve week block being composed of two five-week core clinical experiences and one two-week integrated learning and assessment experience.

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Family & Behavioral Health
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Rapid Diagnosis, Challenging Differentials and Critical Learning
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