Community Health

Excellence in the delivery of health care is essential to the creation of an environment that is optimal for teaching and research and is important as an exemplar for the community. Emphasis must be on the health of families and of the community as well as the health of individuals. Health promotion and disease prevention comprise important components of clinical care and are emphasized where appropriate in the course of patient care. Sufficient resources, support, and authority are provided to the professional staff so they can approach their work with a spirit of caring and a commitment to innovation, creativity, and continuous improvement.

The Homeless and Indigent Population Health Outreach Project (HIPHOP)

Doctors at HIPHOPThe Homeless and Indigent Population Health Outreach Project (HIPHOP), is a program established in 1992 by the medical students as a student-directed community service and learning program. Through this program, students provide community outreach, health promotion, preventive education and clinical services to the underserved populations in New Brunswick and Middlesex County. The program links health-specific learning objectives for the students with community efforts to provide for the health and social needs of disadvantaged and underserved members of the community.

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Eric B. Chandler Health Center

Doctors at Eric B. Chandler Health CenterThe Eric B. Chandler Health Center operated by UMDNJ/Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and the Eric B. Chandler Community Board, is a comprehensive, family oriented community health center dedicated to the provision of high quality ambulatory care services to low income and medically indigent residents of the Greater New Brunswick community.

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Promise Clinic

Physician examining child's earIn January 2005, medical students at RWJMS launched the Promise Clinic, a student run volunteer clinic focused on serving the clients of Elijah's Promise Soup Kitchen. The Promise Clinic operates one evening per week, with precepting and oversight provided by volunteer faculty attendings.

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